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Pros and Cons of Gas Boilers

Are you looking to get a new gas boiler installed in your home? Or are you undecided between a gas, electric or an oil boiler? Midwood Heating have listed what we think are some advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when thinking about getting a gas boiler.  If you would like to talk to our gas safe registered engineers engineers, simply call us on 07833 494194  and we will be more than happy to help. 

Advantages of gas boilers

They're both energy and cost efficient 

When compared to oil and electric boilers, gas boilers are the most efficient. They tend to us less fuel, helping you save on your energy bills, which means you have to spend less on maintaining and using them.

Environment Friendly 

Switching to a gas boiler will go a long way to helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Gas boilers do not emit harmful waste and so are much better for the environment than other alternatives.

Disadvantages of gas boilers

High maintenance

Gas boilers are required to be serviced annually which helps ensure that your boiler is running safely and effectively. 

Potential of a gas leak

Even though gas boilers are highly efficient, they can be a danger if there is a gas leak in your home. Not only does it cause breathing issues but can also develop into fire hazards. You can prevent this by ensuring that your boiler is annually serviced. Check out our boiler servicing page to find out more about how to book a boiler service with our experienced, gas safe registered engineer!

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