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Signs your boiler is in need of repair

It is hugely important for any homeowner to know when their boiler is in need of repair. That's why Midwood Heating have outlined some of those signs in this blog post, so you know what to look out for. If you require our services in North Walsham, then head over to our boiler repair page to find out more about the service. Alternatively, if you'd like to reach us as soon as possible, you can call us on 07833 494194 today!

Signs Your Boiler is Due a Repair

Some of the signs below you may already be aware of and some might be new to you, whatever the case, make sure you take these signs into consideration. 

Unusual Noises  

It is common for broken boilers, or boilers that are on the brink of failure tooften produce unusual noises that you probably haven't heard in the past with your boiler. This can range from loud banging to kettling noises or gurgling sounds. Book a boiler repair with one of our experienced heating engineers if you experience this with your boiler.

Cold Water 

If you've noticed your shower producing only cold water, and the hot water is not lasting very long, then this actually is not necessarily a sign that your boiler is in need of repair. It could be the case that the water tank needs to refil, however if you have tried to refill it and your water is still cold, then still switching the warm water on and waiting for the tank to refill.  However, if you have tried this and have received no luck, then it is possible that you have a broken airlock or there's a failure in the motorised valve.

Cold spots on radiators 

As previously mentioned regarding cold water, if you're noticing your radiators are cold even once you've turned them on and they're not functioning properly, it doesn't necessarily mean that the boiler is broken. It could just be the case of bleeding them! You can actually purchase a bleed key for your radiators from your most DIY shops; on top of this, the process is simple, but if you are noticing that your radiators need bleeding constantly then this could be a sign of a much deeper problem within your  boiler/central heating system.

Your Boiler Keeps On Turning Off

The final sign that your boiler might be due a repair is that you're noticing the boiler keeps on turning off by itself. Obviously, a boiler that keeps doing this is not in best of condition and it could be a sign that there's a fault with water pressure or thermostat. 

Do you require boiler repair in North Walsham? 

If you would like to book a boiler repair services in North Walsham and the surrounding areas, including Norwich, Cromer, Sheringham, or Holt, simply call us on 07833 494194 and we will be happy to help.