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What size boiler is right for my home?

Midwood Heating have outlined how homeowners based in North Walsham can decide what size of boiler is best for their home, depending on how large their property is, and how many bathrooms it has.

The different types of boilers:

There are a variety of boilers available that you can choose from. The 4 main boilers that you need to consider for your home are:

  • Heat only (Regular) boilers
  • System boilers 
  • Combi boilers
  • Oil boilers

So which boiler is the one for you? Getting the right boiler is heavily dependent of several factors, including the how many bedrooms you have, the total amount of radiators installed, the size of your property, as well as where your home is located (urban or rural).

A smaller sized property

If your home has 1 or 2 bedrooms, we recommend that a combi boiler is a great option for you. Our reason for this is because combi boilers do not need a tank to store the water allowing you to make space for other items in your home such as storage.

A medium sized property

A medium sized home can consist of 3-4 bedrooms with two showers. You have a variety of different options to choose from when it comes to choosing the correct boiler fo your home. If you have plenty of space, you can have a system boiler installed, it comes along with a boiler and a storage tank. They are great in the sense that they are able to meet the demands for hot water if you have a big family

If your home does not have the space for a system boiler, you also have the option to have a combi boiler installed. However with combination boilers, they often struggle to produce the demand for hot water. 

A large sized property

With lots of space available for a large family, the most popular choice would be to invest in a heat only boiler. These boilers allow for several hot water taps and showers to run at the same time, so if you have multiple people wanting a shower simultaneously, your boiler will be able to cope with this demand.

Here at Midwood Heating, we offer boiler installation services throughout North Walsham and the surrounding areas, including Norwich, Cromer, Sheringham and Holt. Find out more about our boiler installation services here

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