Service And Repair


We service a wide range of appliances including gas and oil and are fully trained meaning we are more than qualified to deal with your appliances and usually at a lower cost than our competitors. A service is essential for a good reliable long lasting appliance and required by all manufactures to validate warranty we carry out boiler services in accordance with the manufactures instructions meaning the boiler will be stripped and cleaned unlike many of our competitors


We cover a wide variety of gas, oil and LPG appliances from the old to the new! Not just combination boilers, but all appliances, our repairs and installations are completed faster and usually at much less cost than our competitors.  

Service and repair

 If you have a fault and wish for a service in one visit when booking a service plus repair please be sure to describe the fault as accurately as possible and we can narrow down the fault options and possibly bring the parts with us, however, if we don’t bring the parts these will be ordered and fitted as soon as possible.