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We cover a 30-mile radius from North Walsham, including Norwich and Norfolk

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Boiler Repair in Norwich

Has your boiler broken down? Here at Midwood Heating, we understand how inconvenient it can be when a boiler breaks down, which is why our team are ready to help diagnose any faults and fix your broken boiler. You will be glad to know that we are Gas Safe registered, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your boiler is taken care of by qualified engineers. 

We repair all types of boilers; gas, oil and LPG, so whatever boiler you have, we are confident we can get it up and running in no time.

Signs of a Faulty Boiler

The worst part of having a faulty boiler is the fact that you may not always be able to understand why or if it is functioning inefficiently. As you may not have a well-trained eye when it comes to boiler repair, the team at Midwood Heating have come up with a few things that you can look out for.

Strange Odours

Your boiler giving off an odd smell is a dead giveaway that something is wrong. Common odours include a burning smell, which could indicate an internal component problem, or a sulphur or rotten egg smell, which could signal a gas leak. If you notice any odd smells, you should contact us for boiler repairs in Norfolk, Norwich, and the nearby areas. 

Irregular Pilot Light

A stable blue flame should be burned by a good boiler pilot light. A yellow or flickering flame could indicate a ventilation problem or the presence of carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is a silent but lethal gas, any abnormalities in the pilot light must be immediately addressed. Potential risks can be avoided with routine inspections provided as part of boiler maintenance services.

Unusual Noises

Since boilers normally run quietly, any unusual or loud noises should be taken seriously. Sounds like hissing, pounding, or clunking could be signs of difficulties with the pump, kettling (a build-up of limescale), or trapped air. Maintaining your boiler's smooth and silent operation can be achieved through regular boiler servicing, which can assist detect and fix these noisy disruptions.

Inadequate Heating or Hot Water

Inadequate hot water or warmth is frequently the result of a malfunctioning boiler. A boiler issue is evident if you notice your home is cooler than usual or if the water temperature in your home fluctuates. A thorough boiler service can identify and fix problems like a broken diverter valve, an accumulating buildup of sludge, or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Leaks and Drips

Unmistakable indicators of issues are visible leaks or drips surrounding your boiler. Water leaks can harm internal parts and cause more serious problems. A thorough inspection to find and fix any leaks is part of our boiler services, which guarantee the durability and dependability of your boiler system.

Increased Energy Bills

An inefficient boiler may be the cause of an abrupt increase in energy expenditures without a matching rise in usage. To meet heating demands, defective boilers frequently use more energy. Frequent boiler maintenance services may maximise system efficiency, resulting in lower energy usage and utility costs.

Age of the Boiler

Boilers are increasingly prone to malfunctions and inefficiency as they get older. Regular boiler servicing becomes even more important if your boiler is nearing the end of its expected lifespan. Your boiler can last longer if regular maintenance is performed and repairs are made on schedule, giving your house continuous warmth and comfort.

If you think you have noticed any of these signs then you should get in touch with one of our Gas Safe registered engineers who can visit your property and provide you with a fast and efficient boiler repair service that you will be happy with. To book a repair service, you should view our contact details down below and get in touch today!

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Why hire Midwood Heating for boiler repair?

As previously mentioned, all of our gas engineers in Norwich are Gas Safe Registered giving you complete peace of mind that your home is in safe and professional hands.

We advise all of our customers that when hiring a gas engineer to look at your boiler, please ensure that you check their gas credentials to ensure they are fully qualified to install gas boilers. In some instances, we have seen non-qualified engineers make mistakes at customers' properties that end up being quite expensive to fix, so we don't want you to ever have that problem!

In addition to our qualifications, homeowners across North Walsham also choose us for our replacement gas boiler services because: 

  • We can guarantee to treat every customer's home as if it is our own
  • We offer free and expert advice where necessary
  • We offer free quotes, so you don't have to commit to paying if we offer you a quote
  • We are also fully insured and have all the experience necessary to repair all gas boilers

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