Boiler Servicing in North Walsham

Offering boiler servicing to all customers based within a 30-mile radius of North Walsham, including areas such as Norwich, Cromer, Sheringham, and Holt.

If you are due an annual boiler service, here at Midwood Heating, we can help. We offer boiler service checks throughout North Walsham and the surrounding areas. To book a boiler service today, simply give us a call on 07833 494194 and we will be more than happy to help. 

Boiler Servicing in Norwich

Did you know boilers that are serviced annually have less chances of breaking down? The reason for this is simply because during a boiler service, our Gas Safe registered engineers inspect and test all components within the boiler. This allows the engineers to identify any faults in the boiler and help fix it. To find out more about boiler servicing, simply view our contact details down below and get in touch with our engineers in Norwich and North Walsham. Please note that we service all types of boilers; gas, oil and LPG, so whatever boiler you have, we can provide you with a professional service.

What's included in our service?

When undertaking a boiler service, our professionally qualified heating engineers will check for any gas or water leakages throughout the entire system. If we find any leakages, we will make these a priority to fix first as any serious damage could prove the most costly to fix or replace if left alone. 

We will then assess the pressure level of the gas and ensure that it is being released at a safe level for your home. We'll remove the boiler casing and inspect inside to make sure that all components are operating as they should be and you can rest assured that we will provide all the necessary parts with a professional clean to refreshen your system. 

Benefits of Boiler Servicing

There are many benefits that come with boiler servicing. These benefits include:

  • Avoiding unexpected boiler breakdowns
  • Keep your energy bills low
  • Stay legal if you are a landlord or a business
  • Extend your boiler's life

These are just a few benefits we have listed and there are plenty more! Most significantly, boiler servicing at least once a year maintains a good level of energy efficiency in your home. 

Why, once a year you might ask? Well, our experts believe that yearly servicing is the best way to keep on top of any problems with your boiler that might get missed by an untrained eye. While your boiler might seem like it's working fine, it could be functioning inefficiently and therefore costing you more than it should to run. To find out why maintaining a high level of efficiency at home is so important, check out our latest blog post!

Also, if you would like to view any of our previous work, head over to our gallery page. You can also read through the comments left by our customer by visiting our reviews page

Book a Boiler Service check today

To book your annual boiler servicing check in North Walsham or the surrounding areas, including Norwich, Cromer, Sheringham, and Holt, simply call us on 07833 494194 and we will be happy to help. You can also send us an email at or message us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We hope you choose Midwood Heating for any boiler services you may require. 

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