Oil Boiler Installation

Offering our Oil Boiler Installation service throughout Norwich and the surrounding areas such as North Welsham, Cromer, Sheringham and Holt.

We offer an oil boiler and oil tank installation service throughout Norwich and the surrounding areas, so if you are interested in getting an oil boiler installed, or you need a current oil boiler replaced, then our perfectly capable team here at Midwood Heating are on hand to help.

 To arrange your free quote, or for more information on gas boilers, give us a call on 07833494194, or check out our contact details down below.

Why get an oil boiler installation? 

Oil fired boilers are a great alternative to gas and are ideal for homes disconnected from the mains gas network. They are usually kept outside the house, and have a protective door to protect from the weather, so are perfect if you have a lack of space inside. 

If your current oil boiler is reaching the end of its life, or if you just want a more modern and practical boiler replacement, get in touch with our great team. Oil boilers are energy efficient and a practical alternative to oil. Our team, based in Norwich, will be happy to install you a brand new oil boiler and oil tank- so you can safely store your fuel.

Why hire us?

So, why get an oil boiler installation with us at Midwood Heating? We are OFTEC registered engineers, which is the Oil Firing Technical Association, meaning that we are highly qualified to install oil boilers in your home. 

Oil boilers in general can be up to 95% efficient, making them as efficient as gas, while being cheaper - thanks to new condensing technology. At Midwood Heating, we install Worcester Oil boilers as we are Worcester Accredited. They are extremely efficient and heat water up as you need it, wasting less energy than boilers that store the water. 

Contact us for an oil boiler installation in Norwich

Our team of engineers are fully qualified to install oil boilers throughout Norwich. If you think now is the time for Or upgrade your current boiler to a newer, more up to date model? For more information, or to arrange your free quote, give us a call on 07833494194 , fill out the contact form on our website, or email us at info@midwoodheating.co.uk We hope to hear from you soon!


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