Central Heating Installations & Repairs

We offer central heating installations and repairs throughout Norwich and Norfolk

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Midwood Heating are here to provide our customers near or local to Norwich with competitively priced central heating installations. We offer boiler installations, as well as boiler servicing, repairs, and the installation of other appliances, such as radiators and thermostats to control your heating.

Central Heating Services

Central heating installations

Before installation, a professional technician will assess your home's heating needs. This involves determining the appropriate system size, layout, and fuel source (gas, electric, or oil). Our heating engineers will help you choose the right system that meets your needs and requirements. 

Our installation process

The installation process typically involves:

System Placement: Installing the central unit in an optimal location, such as a basement or utility room.

Ductwork or Piping: Depending on the system type, ductwork or piping is laid out to distribute heat.

Wiring: Electrical connections and thermostat installation are essential for system control.

Testing: Technicians test the system to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently.

Central heating repairs

While some minor maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners, it's advisable to leave complex repairs to professionals. At Midwod Heating, we are fully trained and qualified to carry out heating repair services throughout Norwich and Norfolk. We are Gas Safe registered, meaning we are fully trained and qualified, giving you peace of mind.

Signs You Need Central Heating Installation or Repair Services

Inconsistent Heating Throughout Your Home

Chilly areas or uneven heating in different rooms are indications that the heat from your existing central heating system may not be dispersed efficiently. Our installation and maintenance services can assess the heating requirements of your building and create a system that maintains a constant temperature throughout. 

High Energy Bills

Your energy expenses may have suddenly increased without any explanation, which could mean that your central heating system isn't working as well as it should. With the help of our installation and repair services, you can determine how efficient your system is overall and address any problems that might be consuming extra energy. Installing an energy-efficient system upgrade can also result in long-term financial savings. 

Our heating engineers in Norfolk, Norwich and nearby areas will help you assess the efficiency of your boiler. 

Noisy or Unusual Sounds from the Boiler

Unusual sounds emanating from your boiler, such as clanking, banging, or hissing, could be a sign of more serious problems. We can check your boiler for indications of wear and tear, malfunctioning parts or trapped air in the system with our central heating repair services. If necessary, we can fix your boiler so that it runs smoothly and silently again.

Age of the Current System

Your central heating system may be more prone to frequent malfunctions and inefficiencies if it is nearing or over its anticipated lifespan. You may make the switch to a new, more dependable system with the aid of our installation services. Our repair services can take care of any age-related wear and tear on existing systems, guaranteeing continuing functionality and averting expensive breakdowns.

Why choose us? 

Gas Safe Registered

All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered, this means that we are fully qualified to work on any gas appliances throughout your home, meaning that we can safely undertake any central heating jobs to do with your boiler or radiators.

Highly Rated

Our customers throughout Norfolk and Norwich have rated our services very highly, do not just take our word for it, head over to our reviews page to read through the reviews they have left behind for us. 

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